Red and yellow ….

Some colours are really difficult to photograph with the iPhone. There is no blue or violet! It will all become clear in time. Enjoy your New Year if you are celebrating – if not – sleep well! 😉  I’m not sure what I’ll be doing….. but it will probably involve a bottle of red. Happy…

A touch of Tomato

Experimenting with Mustard and Tomato. Now I think I have my rainbow sequence. Watch this space.

Maybe just a little more?

… Yellow, that is! Folded, and giving no hint of the actual colour sequence! Almost half way   😆

Adding a contrast

The corner to corner blanket is progressing. Mostly violet with just a touch of other colours including yellow. The perfect contrast.

On we go

I managed a little longer than expected yesterday evening, so another couple of colours were added I think I’ll probably stop there as far as colours are concerned. This is what it looks like so far: I need to go and buy another ball of the yellow. I wasn’t sure if it would work –…

Three down, one to go!

It always amuses me that the border takes so long. It’s very satisfying to see it developing, though. So far I’ve completed three rounds. One more to go – and then……..  

And after the yellow comes…

This warm orange is called Spice. It lifts the whole strip and tones down the previous row of Sunshine. Next will be … More tomorrow

Yellow, yellow and ..

I’m currently working on 3 rows of citrine. It looks more like a pale lemon here, but in reality it is a glorious sunflower yellow. I’ll also use it in the border.