A moment of relief 

In truth the Spirit of April seems never ending! It will be finished, but I’ve started the Spirit of May to give a little light relief.  This will be smaller so quicker to finish.  Now it’s back to the April edition 

Still making progress…

I’ve managed to finish another two sets of 24 this week I’m hoping that the Spirit of April will be finished before June! It’s always interesting to make a collage, too. So many ideas for blankets… so little time… Save

The part of April that isn’t finished!

Yes, the Spirit blanket!  This week I have, so far, managed to finish two more sets of 24 using this subtle shade of orange! I think I have 10 more combinations (most without the orange) to do, but I may have miscounted.  Next week will see no progress on this, but more about that another…

April finished

Yes, it’s May, and a new section of the temperature blanket to be started. I wonder what surprises that will bring?  April is finished apart from the final joining.  Twenty one colours! No wonder the Spirit of April is still in progress 😉 

At last! 

Finally this combination is finished! It’s been a bit confusing for me as I worked out of sequence so it’s good to be back on track.  This Spirit blanket is going to be large! I still have masses of squares to do as the last several days have introduced new temperatures on a daily basis….

No more yarn!

What? All used up? No, of course not! But I ran out of yarn twice this week First I ran out of Khaki! I only had 2 squares to finish   I managed to make a dash to the shop the next day and all was well. On to the next sequence, reach halfway, and…

April Temperature Blanket 

So many colours! These are just the last 8 days! The Spirit blanket for April is going to be quite large, I think. More on that another day. Save

Time for another C2C!

At last I can start on a larger project. It’s yet another Corner to Corner blanket The yarn is Cygnet, Kiddies DK. Sherbet dip is the colourway and it’s very pretty. It’s good to be working on something a bit more substantial, but I’ll fit in the Temperature blanket and the Spirit of April somehow…

Spirit of April 

The first block is complete. But I still have to decide on a joining colour Save

February in colour 

So here we are in March! For my purposes it’s the first day of spring. February is over, but I have a constant reminder here: I could give you a few statistics, but the glaring odd one out is towards top right. It marks 17deg Celsius!  7deg Celsius occurred most often- 14 mornings and 9…