Really pleased at the final result of this blanket. It’s been slow progress – but only due unexpected circumstances. It will be delivered next week. If you would like a similar one let me know – I’m taking orders. 😉

Current WIP

This month has passed really quickly. It’s been fun to share with you each day, and today’s topic will confirm that I am still working on the Raspberry Lobelia blanket! The rows are now getting shorter – but I think that it will take most if not all of April to finish it. I may…


How long have you got? My list of things to do is far too long to note here….. so I will leave you with a picture of my current WIP, which is about to be picked up for another hour’s work.   Posted for National Crochet Month

Current WIP

Half way! The turning point! This is a Corner to Corner crocheted blanket. Otherwise known as a C2C, you might like to come and join us in the Ravelry C2C group – the link is below and in the sidebar. Tonight the rows will begin to get shorter. I started it on 28th Feb, and…

Making the most of an extra day!

Happy Birthday, Eileen. This is a day to celebrate – your 15th birthday party. Enjoy My day started very early. I awoke shortly after midnight and was still up at 3am. Consequently I continued with a new blanket that I began yesterday evening. Forgive the bad photograph – it was taken just before I went…