Half way

The gallery was made with the new WP app – Mesh. Click the arrow to see the rest of the pictures. I’m not sure if I like the result or not, at the moment the jury is out. Maybe I’ll get used to it….. The Blanket of Fire is progressing. So exciting to reach the…

Almost there

On target for finishing by the end of the month


Slowly does it – but I’m getting there.  

Back to front

It’s usual to begin with the inspiration and work towards the finished item. This is how I have always worked but today I was taken aback by a corner of the garden. Michaelmas Daisies. I thought I had photographed the violet ones too, but I didn’t   The colours reminded me of my current c2c….

Maybe just a little more?

… Yellow, that is! Folded, and giving no hint of the actual colour sequence! Almost half way   😆

Adding a contrast

The corner to corner blanket is progressing. Mostly violet with just a touch of other colours including yellow. The perfect contrast.

Progress and a question

The one thing about a corner to corner blanket is that it does move quickly! Well, it moves quickly if you can sit and hook a few rows, that is. The last two evenings have been ideal for slowly doing a few more rows. I’ve hurt my foot! I have to rest it, don’t I?…

Watching the colours change

I find it very difficult to photograph the shape of the ‘in progress’ c2c. Folding it helps, and the above means that you can see the work in progress – and the starting corner. I always find it interesting to see how colours mix and match – and change according to the one that precedes…

On we go

I managed a little longer than expected yesterday evening, so another couple of colours were added I think I’ll probably stop there as far as colours are concerned. This is what it looks like so far: I need to go and buy another ball of the yellow. I wasn’t sure if it would work –…