Giveaway and more 

I’ve been keeping my head down.  I had a project to finish and I just had to get on with it. I’ll show you in a minute, but first – the giveaway. To my amazement I somehow managed at acquire 500 followers on Instagram. This was without seeking any, it just happened. so I decided…

A touch of Tomato

Experimenting with Mustard and Tomato. Now I think I have my rainbow sequence. Watch this space.

From Empire to Gold

More of the new colours included in this sequence including Empire, Cypress, Pistachio, Kelly Green and Grass Green. The full sequence can be found here.

Including Lobelia!

Playing with a sequence to include some of the new Stylecraft colours. Second from the right is Lobelia and first on the left is Duck Egg. This is a baby sized blanket. The sequence above is noted here.