A moment of relief 

In truth the Spirit of April seems never ending! It will be finished, but I’ve started the Spirit of May to give a little light relief.  This will be smaller so quicker to finish.  Now it’s back to the April edition 

Home for a rest!

I’ve just had a week of visual delights! Another trip to Norway is something we have been promising for a very long time. We finally made it! I’ll probably share a few pictures from time to time – but today I’m catching up on a little rest and emails. They certainly fill the inbox while…

Time for another C2C!

At last I can start on a larger project. It’s yet another Corner to Corner blanket The yarn is Cygnet, Kiddies DK. Sherbet dip is the colourway and it’s very pretty. It’s good to be working on something a bit more substantial, but I’ll fit in the Temperature blanket and the Spirit of April somehow…

Rainbowitis – all done!

I love working with colour, so this project has been very satisfying. It took just a little over a month, but I could have finished more quickly if I hadn’t had other projects to keep me occupied too. I used Stylecraft Special DK – as I’ve told you before, it’s the only yarn I can…

A preview

Collage apps make it so easy to visualize the possible result: When I get to 30 squares I think I’ll start joining them as I go. This will be a real scrap blanket – I’m having fun using all my short lengths of yarn.   Save

Play with a purpose – The Posy Square

All you need is a ball of yarn and a hook! I’ve been playing around with a few odd balls of scrap yarn. Some were so small they really qualified as ‘lengths’ rather than ‘balls’. However, the object was to make a circle in a squaare – as easily as possible! Now I don’t  expect…

Purple is the new pink finished 

If you follow me on Instagram you may have read that the small project is finished. It only took a few days, and frankly, would have taken much less if I hadn’t had other things to do too.  12 Granny Squares- the colours are listed below.  Each square was edged on 3 sides with cream. …

Another progress report 

When I need a colour fix I work on this. Hopefully it will be finished by the end of next week Save

12 strand silk 

I’ve recently listed a few collections of neutral colours of this beautiful silk for sale. They are in very limited quantities so go quickly to myfanwyhart.com if they are of interest. Save


The January squares are progressing- but slowly!  I’m waiting for a delivery of Lobelia which appears to be out of stock in several shops. The colours for the last 4 days have inspired me, however. So I couldn’t resist starting a little sampler What will they become? Wait and see. Save

The ends are reducing!

Darning in the ends of crochet is not an arduous task for me. I find it most relaxing and therapeutic. So I’m taking my time while working on a January project too The blanket, which I’m calling Sprit of December is roughly a temperature blanket for the last month of 2016. Each day I recorded…