Flaming June!

To say that it’s been ‘warm’ here is a bit of an understatement! According to the thermometer the garden temperature is currently 30 deg C. The days have been sunny and warm – each day fielding glorious blue skies and no rain in evidence at all. If the heat continues we will probably be under…

April finished

Yes, it’s May, and a new section of the temperature blanket to be started. I wonder what surprises that will bring?  April is finished apart from the final joining.  Twenty one colours! No wonder the Spirit of April is still in progress 😉 

At last! 

Finally this combination is finished! It’s been a bit confusing for me as I worked out of sequence so it’s good to be back on track.  This Spirit blanket is going to be large! I still have masses of squares to do as the last several days have introduced new temperatures on a daily basis….

Do not read this post without sunglasses

You may remember that I ran out of Parma Violet, well today I’ve managed to locate some – so I’ll soon be back on track. In the meantime I’ve pressed on with both the Spirit and Temperature blankets. The first 15 days of April were certainly colourful! I didn’t expect that bright splash of Yellow,…

April Temperature Blanket 

So many colours! These are just the last 8 days! The Spirit blanket for April is going to be quite large, I think. More on that another day. Save

February in colour 

So here we are in March! For my purposes it’s the first day of spring. February is over, but I have a constant reminder here: I could give you a few statistics, but the glaring odd one out is towards top right. It marks 17deg Celsius!  7deg Celsius occurred most often- 14 mornings and 9…

Spirit of ….

I’m really enjoying working on my temperature blanket – even though it’s only a few rounds a day. However, I made a rash decision to work on other related projects at the same time. I began it in December – so that Winter in its entirety would be evident at the beginning. December was an…

Spirit of the third week of January 

You may remember reading this post, in which I admitted being sidetracked from the tasks in hand due to the absence of Lobelia in my local shops etc. Well, I’ve continued to work on it alongside other projects (these include my temperature blanket and a rainbow blanket, there will be more about these in future…


The January squares are progressing- but slowly!  I’m waiting for a delivery of Lobelia which appears to be out of stock in several shops. The colours for the last 4 days have inspired me, however. So I couldn’t resist starting a little sampler What will they become? Wait and see. Save

Spirit of January 

A new ‘temperature fix’   Using the same colour code as December. Here is the first completed square  Photo taken with bad light. The next post will be better. 

And now for the ends! 

Firstly, thank you for the comments made on my last couple of posts. If you are still waiting for a reply I apologise. I really appreciate them, but find it so much easier to answer via the pic – and I haven’t opened mine for a while. I will do so soon, though, in the…

Change of plan

  I have another blanket on the hook. It’s an ’emergency’ response to a late request. I only started it yesterday, and hope I can get it finished by Christmas. I’m not sure how much time I will have so we’ll wait and see. It needs to be finished by the end of the first…