Five Colour Friday

Fancy a new project? This post introduces a new occasional series of posts with suggestions for colour schemes. I’m sure I’ve told you before that I love playing with colour, well these will feature some small combinations that will also act as ‘aides memoires’ for me too. This collection features 5 colours from the Stylecraft…

12 strand silk 

I’ve recently listed a few collections of neutral colours of this beautiful silk for sale. They are in very limited quantities so go quickly to if they are of interest. Save


The January squares are progressing- but slowly!  I’m waiting for a delivery of Lobelia which appears to be out of stock in several shops. The colours for the last 4 days have inspired me, however. So I couldn’t resist starting a little sampler What will they become? Wait and see. Save

Spirit of January 

A new ‘temperature fix’   Using the same colour code as December. Here is the first completed square  Photo taken with bad light. The next post will be better. 

The ends are reducing!

Darning in the ends of crochet is not an arduous task for me. I find it most relaxing and therapeutic. So I’m taking my time while working on a January project too The blanket, which I’m calling Sprit of December is roughly a temperature blanket for the last month of 2016. Each day I recorded…

And now for the ends! 

Firstly, thank you for the comments made on my last couple of posts. If you are still waiting for a reply I apologise. I really appreciate them, but find it so much easier to answer via the pic – and I haven’t opened mine for a while. I will do so soon, though, in the…

Finished and presented

I’m pleased to say that the rainbow blanket was finished in plenty of time and presented on the approriate day. Here’s a little slideshow of the finished item. Two more blankets were also needed for Christmas – both equally well received. It’s always a relief, isn’t it!  

A change of colour 

Colour block blanket should be finished later today, with just the border to follow. I’ll show you a picture when it’s complete. In the meantime- here’s a glimpse of something new that I am thoroughly enjoying.  More about this another day 

Almost halfway. 

Pleased to say that I am almost half way on this colour block blanket. I’m away this weekend so it will have to wait until next week for further progress. I’m unexpectedly heading for France and Belgium. It’s only a flying visit, if my battery holds out I’ll share some pictures with you next time. 

Change of plan

  I have another blanket on the hook. It’s an ’emergency’ response to a late request. I only started it yesterday, and hope I can get it finished by Christmas. I’m not sure how much time I will have so we’ll wait and see. It needs to be finished by the end of the first…

Nearly there!

Well, even though I was cross about the short weight of the yarn I have to say that the Marble Chunky is making up into a lovely fabric. Today I managed to catch it in the light of the morning sun, and this gives you a much better idea of the mix of colours. It…